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Say hello to your new !
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Why choose me?

Here are some core principles we're following

100% Private, No logs!

Not even your guild ID is logged / saved! (unless absolutely necessary for features to work)

Countless Integrations

All the ImageBoards, Doujinshi, Reddit Sources, Sauce finder, and lewd commands you'll ever need

Specially Designed

Basically overly-engineered to do one task with the best capabilities and flexibility.

No artificial limitations

Other bots limit their features, we just give you everything out of the box.

Community Oriented

We've worked on features aiming to empower Anime communities and made features that others would charge money for, free.

To elaborate...

Our Features & Modules

Designed to integrate & work with each other

RolePlay Chatbot

Locally-hosted, fully private, uncensored and "based" AI chat with personas (with easy to use templates)!

Soothing ASMR

Take a break, relax and listen to some soothing sounds, doujin & IRL (English) in full HD, without stuttering!


We integrate with 8 different imageboards to satisfy all your needs (furries considered 😉)


Engage your community members by letting them contribute to your own guild's ImagePools which can be shared with other guilds via remote-linking

Video Embeds

Not everything is an image, we're also utilizing tricks such as picture collages and video embeds

DMs Enabled!

Want some one-on-one privacy? We've got you covered, you can directly message the bot with commands!


We've also included a lot of RP & Reaction commands both SFW and NSFW (because why not)

Reddit Integrated

We've scoured the internet to find you the best subreddits to get the freshest and latest IRL Content!

Auto Commands

Run commands on a pre-set interval, This integrates with ImagePools and other commands to deliver streams of images into a channel


The bot can be adjusted to your needs! We support disabling certain commands, disabling modules, mass posting, user prefixes, and so much more!

Heavily Optimized

We only use the best tools for the job, to efficiently deliver content lightning-fast!

and so much more...

What are you waiting for?

Add me and give me a try!